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Auto Lock Specialist are a local friendly family firm. We offer a specialist car locksmith service in Bromsgrove and the surrounding areas

Our specialist services around Bromsgrove include…

Bromsgrove Vehicle Entry

Are you locked our your car in Bromsgrove?
Have you locked your keys in your boot in Bromsgrove?
Has your key snapped in the lock in Bromsgrove?

We offer professionally trained auto locksmith’s who use low cost traditional lock picking methods.

If you have locked your keys in the car we will gain entry to your vehicle. If the car is locked and the car keys lost, the vehicle locksmith will first gain entry to the vehicle without causing damage.

Our average call out time to Bromsgrove is around 30 minutes!

We attended Sanders Park, Bromsgrove for keys that had been locked in car. We received the call at 6 pm, arrived at the park and picked open the lock causing no damage to the vehicle. The total time took 30 minutes, our customers were back on their way home at 6:30pm.

We are so confident in our work – we will not charge you if we cannot gain entry to your vehicle.

Lost or Stolen Car Key Replacement Bromsgrove

Have you lost your car keys in Bromsgrove? have you re-traced your steps but still had no luck finding your car keys, call us we can help. Have you lost your keys at Sanders Park, Bromsgrove? Try contacting the tourist information office or the café both located by the main entrance in case someone has found them and handed them in.

Have you lost your car keys in Bromsgrove?
Have your car keys been stolen in Bromsgrove?
Do you want or need a duplicate car key in Bromsgrove?
Do you want or need a spare key in Bromsgrove?

In the unfortunate situation that your car keys are stolen there are options for you that will not break the bank. 
We can de-activate your stolen keys so that the stolen keys will not start the vehicle and then cut and programme a new set while you wait.

Alternatively we can change the locks on your vehicle to ensure that no access can be gained. We offer services at a greatly reduced rate to the main dealers. Our auto locksmiths will come your home, place of work, or any place required and gain entry to your vehicle using traditional non-destructive entry techniques and provide you with replacement car keys.

Replacement Car Key & Spare Car Keys Bromsgrove

We would always recommend that you have a spare key to your vehicle. On average a spare key is 75% cheaper than a new key in a lost key situation. Save yourself money now with a spare key. We operate a mobile service and come you a location of your choice.

An example of the benefits of having a spare key now is the difference in price. To replace a lost key on a 2007 Ford Focus in the Bromsgrove area is 73% more expensive than having a spare key.

Bromsgrove Ford Focus 2007 (standard key) Lost key - £140
Bromsgrove Ford Focus 2007 (standard Key) Spare key - £65

Can your Replacement Car Key be produced using our specialised cloning equipment? We have specifically designed mobile cloning equipment for making replacement car keys or spare keys which allows us to keep our costs down and pass that discount on to you.

We can program the transponder chip in your new key allowing the car to start when the key is turned in the ignition using the latest programming equipment. We cover most car makes, models and commercial vehicles.

Car Key and remote Programming Bromsgrove

We offer services to fix broken, damaged or replace lost transponder keys. We can re-programme the vehicles immobiliser and ECU to accept a new unique code.

Not a lot of people know but…
As a security measure, since 1995 electronically coded transponder chips are fitted in all car, van and motorbike keys. The transponder chip is embedded in the plastic body of your key - you may not have even known it is there. They are on average 4x1mm in length and either made from plastic or glass. It is this transponder chip that needs programming to your car in order to send a signal for your car to start when the key is turned in the ignition.

Extraction of broken key Bromsgrove

Has your car key snapped in the lock in Bromsgrove?
Has your car key snapped in the ignition barrel in Bromsgrove?

Our auto locksmiths are trained in the fine art of key extraction. This really is a fine art and takes a skilled knowledge of ignition barrels and door locks to extract the broken key and reassemble your lock.

We will not replace your lock unless absolutely necessary. We take pride in our work and will use traditional methods to extract the broken key wherever possible.

Key cutting on site Bromsgrove

Do you need a new car key cut in Bromsgrove?

We offer a mobile auto locksmith service whereby we attend your car and cut you a new key using state of the art laser key cutting equipment.