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Broken Car Keys – Extracted & Replaced

Car key snapped in your lock or ignition? don’t worry all’s not lost.

Car keys can bend and snap, this is particularly common in the winter months.

Our auto locksmiths are trained in the fine art of key extraction. This really is a fine art and takes a skilled knowledge of ignition barrels and door locks to extract the broken key and reassemble your lock.

Depending on the make and model of your vehicle it may be possible to replace only the steel key.

We will not replace your lock unless absolutely necessary. We take pride in our work and will use traditional non-destructive methods to extract the broken key wherever possible.

Renault key car replacement starts from £60 depending upon your location.

Our mobile key-cutting and remote programming equipment can also provide you a replacement key to get you on your way where ever your car is located in Birmingham, Worcester, Solihull or in the West Midlands.